Viessmann boiler error 52

The D1 error code describes a boiler water level that is too high.

If the water level exceeds the max level, the boiler will shut down until it has cooled down and the water level reduces.

It is the most common type of error in viessmann boilers. It usually happens when the boiler has been used for a long time, and the errors should not be ignored.

Error Code 52 usually appears when there’s a problem with the sensor of gas or water levels in the boiler. If this issue isn’t solved, it can cause a second problem: an additional error code 45 that appears on your boiler’s display.

When a boiler constantly gives an error code of 52, the gas valve is not working properly. There may be a problem with the gas connections, or the boiler may need a service.

You might get an error code of 52 if you have just switched to a new provider and your boiler is incompatible with your home’s current setup. There are also many other reasons for this issue, such as low water pressure, lack of pulse from the heater or insufficient natural gas pressure.

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