Viessmann boiler error 58

This error code is a result of a heating system malfunction. This can happen for different reasons, such as a fault in the thermostat or an obstruction in the venting system.

Error 58 will not appear for every obstruction in the venting system, but it will show up if there is a major problem with the ventilation system’s operation.

If you are not heating your home to the desired temperature and your boiler is a Viessmann, there may be an error 58. You can solve this issue by resetting the boiler.

Error 58 is one of the most common errors on a Viessmann boiler.

Error 58 is triggered when the water sensor has an open or short circuit. This typically happens after a period of high water usage. This error can be triggered if more than 20% of the water in the tank evaporates and there is not enough to trigger the overflow switch or if there is a very rapid decrease in pressure in the heating system.

The most common causes for Error 58 are:

– Open circuit or short circuit caused by corrosion, dirt or scale on the inside of the sensor body, on sensor contacts and/or on wires leading to it. – Malfunctioning wiring harnesses. – Malfunctioning pressure relief valve. – Malfunctioning overflow switch. To prevent Error 58, you should always check your wiring harnesses and sensors for any signs of corrosion and dirt.

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