Viessmann boiler error 59

We cannot provide any specific information on error 59 at the moment.

Viessmann Boiler Error 59 Category: Problems with the boiler

Information about this error:

It is an error code. You can find more information in the troubleshooting guide on the website.

It is a long-term error with no clear cause or solution.

Error 59 on a viessmann boiler can be a particularly frustrating problem because of the lack of information on how to fix it.

Error 59 is a very frustrating error that can often lead people to throw away their boiler, especially if they don’t know what it means. There are many reasons for this error, but the most common one is the low water in the boiler tank. The issue lies in the flame sensor, which detects when something has changed inside the boiler. If there’s not enough water in the tank, then when something does change, there will be no signal because there’s no difference between before and after. This causes an error message that states, “low water level detected.”

An example of what could cause this problem is emptying your hot water tank or turning off your heating system while it’s still warm outside.

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