Viessmann boiler error 64

When you get the error message, it is important first to identify the manufacturer and model of your boiler. If you are unsure which boiler you have, use a video or manual to find out.

A boiler typically has a sensor that detects when it is not used. When this occurs, the sensor sends a message to the control board asking for an error code. This error code is then sent back to the sensor, indicating that the boiler needs attention from a technician.

Normally, any error code between 1-99 can be cleared by opening and closing any valve on the boiler or shutting down and restarting it. But if an error code 100-199 appears, there is likely something mechanically wrong with your boiler. Error codes 200-299 are also mechanical errors, but they are generated due to another issue, such as a power supply break or water pressure loss.

If you have any issues with your boiler or heating system that are not working, then you may need to diagnose the problem.

Follow these steps to diagnose the error code:

Check for any water in the boiler – If it’s empty, turn off the power for a minute before trying again.

If there is water in your boiler, check and ensure no leaks or cracks. You can also turn off the power and open up some of the valves to see if water starts flowing out.

If everything looks good, call your technician and ask them to look at this code 64 while diagnosing your boiler.

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