Viessmann boiler error 78

The most common cause of error 78 is a loose or misplaced thermocouple.

The boiler can’t sense the heat output of the burner. Check for a loose or misplaced thermocouple and replace it if necessary. If this doesn’t fix the problem, contact professional help.

After receiving an error code 78 on their boiler, many homeowners will not know what to do next. This article is to provide the necessary information and insight for these people.

We’ll start by providing a general overview of the error code and possible causes for the problem. Next, we’ll go into more detail on some possible fixes that you can do with minimal technical knowledge. Lastly, we’ll talk about how to get professional boiler services in your area if you don’t have any way of fixing it yourself.

Boiler Error Code 78: In this article, I will cover the details of a popular boiler error code called “78” which is typically composed of five numbers and a letter at the end.

Boiler Error Code 78 Causes: The most common cause of this type of error code is low water level or low water pressure in your home’s plumbing system because the water isn’t circulating properly throughout your home’s pipes when needed, as side effects could be as

The error 78 code is related to the water level in the heating system and indicates that the level is too low.

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