Viessmann boiler error code 574

Consumers often encounter a boiler error code 574, which resolves to “X13 Input provided value, not from intake sensor”.

Check the diagnosis of other inputs and how those values differed from the value of X13. Check and see if it was a restart or sensor issue. Check for noises indicating fan rotation and consider running a diagnostic test to calibrate new inputs.

When the boiler error code 574 is displayed, this typically means that a fault in the circulation pump circuit is detected by the electronic control.

Sometimes, with error code 574, one of the main issues could be caused by drivers or inflow pipes that are frozen and therefore preventing a diverted double-check flow. When there is no flow in return, it can be hard for the machine to regulate its temperature properly.

In the event of an error code below, the boiler will control a recovery cycle.

An error code 574 generally references that either a sensor on the boiler or associated with a furnace or hot water has failed or exceeded its calibrated limit.

The first step to solving this error code is to identify all potential causes of this error code. You will need to check all sensors and airflow as these are major contributors to this condition. This may also be due to faulty wiring which needs replacing, so stop using your boiler if you are experiencing any ill effects such as leakage, abnormal noises, and strange odors coming from it. Our DIY tips can help find any faulty parts in your system that could potentially lead you to diagnose and fix your own boilers failures before contacting a professional.