Viessmann boiler error code 85

The error code 85 on a Viessmann boiler results from a problem with the high-limit switch.

This is because it has been tripped and needs to be reset.

If this is not done, the boiler will stop processing heat, leading to an overheating of your central heating system or an underheating.

Viessmann Boilers are trouble-free and reliable. The Viessmann boiler error code 85 is one of the most common errors in a Viessmann boiler. This article will help you to diagnose, repair and prevent this problem from occurring in the future.

The best way to prevent this problem in your boiler from happening again is to have a pre-heat function installed on your system.

I am going to talk about the viessmann boiler error code 85. There are some cases in which the error code 85 can be related to a defective gas valve.

When it is an electrical problem, there is a higher chance of being related to a faulty thermocouple. The most common cause for this error code 85 is no water in the boiler and an insufficient feeder tank.

Viessmann has three different types of boilers: oil, condensing, wall-hung, and floor-standing designs. They are all designed for various applications and needs, such as domestic or commercial use.


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