Viessmann boiler error code 97

The E97 error is a fault in the heating circuit, which could be caused by a faulty coolant pump or blocked coolant pipe.

The boiler may need to be serviced by a certified technician.

Viessmann is a popular manufacturer of heating solutions. The company sells boilers and water heaters, among other products.

In 1974, Viessmann introduced the first electric-powered boiler for private households in Europe. One of the most popular products Viessmann has ever released is the VITO 100-8 A+. This boiler features an innovative design with a slim profile and a modern shape, making it suitable for condos or renovated homes looking to save on space.

Viessmann boiler error code 97 is a common boiler error code. It means that the boiler needs to be turned off and on again to reset it.

It is important to know how to turn off and on your boiler as you may need it in an emergency or when it becomes faulty.

This tutorial will help you identify the different types of viessmann boilers and their error codes.

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