Viessmann boiler error code f2

Viessmann is a technology leader in heating and industrial cooling. They have made themselves more sustainable by using fewer resources and wasting fewer materials. From 2016-2016, Viessmann has curbed their CO2 remittances by 30%, in turn, improved the environment for all of Mankind too.

In this section, we will discuss the code f2 error message with you and explain how does it happen?

So what does an F2 error indicate?

The two pump levers are fully closed and need to be turned back until you hear a clicking sound.

What are possible solutions when an F2 error just appeared out of nowhere?

It’s worth checking if one of the levers needs to be turned back or if the non-return valve is applied incorrectly. And this can easily be checked by turning the lever back until it clicks into place while listening for both pressure gauges descaling, as they should react noticeably differently each time one shanks over (=feels

An error code f2 usually indicates a malfunction of the Viessmann boiler in live mode (thermal). In such a case, probably the pilot is out of order, and accordingly, there is insufficient water in the boiler to keep it ready for live operation.

To avoid every single one of these ‘false fault’ alarming messages, it is necessary to check before activating your boiler during startup whether or not this error can be excluded.

Please note: After activation, you can only turn off an operational boiler by switching off via the mains switch again or by restoring power manually. This has to be done for safety purposes.



If you find the boiler is not working properly or do not know how to read these error codes – please contact any professional cylinder surveyors in the industry.