Viessmann boiler error code j0

The error code j0 of the Viessmann boiler is displayed. The message is that the boiler does not have any heat.

The error code j0 of the Viessmann boiler displays no heat and has nothing to do with a lack of water or a power outage.

Error code J0 is a common error that occurs in 75% of the cases.

The error code J0 does not tell us anything about what might be wrong with the boiler, but it does tell us that some problem occurred that needs to be resolved then.

It is advised to call for professional help as quickly as possible because the problem will not go away and can lead to more serious mechanical issues.

The best way to fix this error code is by contacting a professional service.

Viessmann boiler error code J0 is the replacement of IC201. It is an error code that appeared in the past decade.

A common reason for error code J0 is that the sensor of the heat exchanger has detected a lack of flow to the heating coil, and this could be for various reasons:

– a leak in the primary pipe

– a blockage in the secondary pipe

– too much water pressure on the secondary pipe due to a restricted discharge valve or pump

– an insulation fault (when there was no flow from the tank to the heating coil) and/or air leakage between coils due to insufficient thermal insulation material.

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