Viessmann boiler error codes 35

A boiler is a device that uses heat to generate steam, which in turn is used to generate electricity and produce hot water. The device uses very high-pressure levels to create steam.

Boiler error codes are displayed when there is an issue with the boiler’s functioning. The codes will take the form of either a letter or number and correspond with the issue the boiler is having.

Homeowners need to know their error codes to be able to fix their boilers as soon as possible.

When the boiler is not heating up, it usually indicates a blocked flue. This can be due to a buildup of soot or creosote buildup. When the air in the boiler room becomes too hot, it can interrupt how the unit functions.

There are two reasons why this may be happening:

1) The flue is blocked by soot or creosote, which a buildup of wood combustion products and other materials unsuitable for burning can cause.

2) The boiler has been opened too much, and hot air from outside is entering the room. This makes it harder for the boiler to function properly and heats up unwantedly in an uncontrolled manner.

Understanding boiler error codes are important for a boiler’s performance. The following boiler error codes and their explanations should help you understand what to do if your unit displays a specific code.

How to Troubleshoot Boiler Error Codes:

1. Verify that the code displayed is not a fault for inputting the wrong number, then reset the unit and try again.

2. If this doesn’t work, verify that all sensors are in working order and replace any faulty components with new ones from Viessmann before continuing troubleshooting (e.g., water temperature sensor).

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