Viessmann boiler error f4

Viessmann boiler error f4 is a fatal error that occurs when the burner flames out due to premature combustion.

Fatal Error F4 (Viessmann Boiler Error) is an error which appears on Viessmann boilers and is caused by faulty parts in the burner. The affected part is a flame ring that can only be fitted if ordered from Viessmann, Germany.

Viessmann boiler error f4 is a sign of one or more problems with the boiler.

When a viessmann boiler error f4 signal is shown on display, it means that one or more of the safety systems has detected a fault in the boiler. When this happens, you should contact your local Viessmann service center.

The most common causes for this condition are high water consumption and low water levels in the tank, and poor operation by the automatic reset function.

The boiler error f4 indicates a faulty filter that the boiler manufacturer should replace.

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