Viessmann boiler error fault 78

This article will discuss what causes Error fault 78 in Viessmann boilers.

Error fault 78 is a software error on the boiler controller of Viessmann’s boilers. It is triggered when one or more of the following events happen:

– The boiler’s system detects an electronic malfunction or faulty wiring, which could lead to overheating and, therefore, an explosion.

– The boiler fails to heat water, or the heat exchanger does not function properly.

– A measuring instrument was tampered with to lower the fuel usage

Viessmann is a company that produces boilers, heating systems, and water heaters. Their products are used in residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

The company has been manufacturing boilers since 1883, when they were patented in Germany. The company has produced various models of natural gas, liquid propane and oil-fired boilers since the 1940s.

This error code is related to the power supply for the heating circuit.

There are some reasons why this may happen, such as the detector is defective and does not detect temperature, the power supply cable has been disconnected from the boiler, or there is a defect in the voltage transformer.

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