Viessmann boiler error x1

A viessmann boiler error x1 has been issued to the public.

Due to the recent change in energy policy, the government in China has introduced a new restriction on gas and oil usage. This will inevitably lead to a shortage of heating for homes during wintertime. Many companies have been developing new technology to generate heat from electricity to solve this problem. One such company is viessmann which has released an intelligent boiler with a built-in electric heating function.

The error x1 is a result of the water sensor malfunctioning. The sensor detects the water level inside the boiler and turns off the power to the boiler when there is not enough water. You can troubleshoot this problem by following these steps:

– check if your tank has some water in it, and then wait for a few hours to see if it completes the cycle and starts working again

– replace a new sensor

– replace the heating element

The error code x1 means that the water temperature is too low. In this case, the boiler cannot heat the water to 60°C (140°F).

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