Viessmann boiler vitodens 100 f4 error

In some cases, the error code F4 means insufficient water in the boiler.

The content should be on the error code F4 of the viessmann boiler. It should also include what it means and how to fix it.

With our latest boiler, the vitodens 100 f4, you’ll save up to 20%* on your heating costs.

We are proud to have been chosen as a partner in numerous energy efficiency projects worldwide and in the spirit of this partnership, offer the following advice for using the vitodens 100 f4:

– Always ensure that water is stored correctly in the boiler

– Keep cold water flowing through the system

– Check that all pipes reliant on your boiler are working correctly – including radiators and underfloor heating

– Maintain a correct air pressure differential between your incoming and outgoing mains pressure. The air filter should be changed every three months.

The gas control valve is the component that tells the boiler how much gas to use. A solenoid-controlled valve opens and closes to maintain the desired pressure in the combustion space.

The valves are not activated by hand but can be manually reset.

This error code indicates that an internal fault has occurred with the boiler and needs to be serviced.

A faulty gas control valve will cause an F4 error code on your boiler, according to viessmann. The gas control valve regulates how much gas should be used. If there’s a problem with it, you’ll get this error code from your boiler, which means it needs servicing from a plumber or heating engineer immediately because, without one of those skilled individuals, your boiler won’t be able to operate even if it starts up for just a few minutes before this error message comes up again.

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