Viessmann boiler vitodens error C5

The boiler vitodens error C5 is most likely caused by a malfunction in the burner or a control board error. The first step should be to check the boiler flue pipe and ensure any obstruction does not block it. If it is, this would need to be removed before troubleshooting the boiler.

Suppose there are no obstructions in the flue pipe. In that case, the next step should be to temporarily disconnect the power supply and measure whether there is either an open circuit at terminals on the control board (CC1) or an intermittent short circuit at these terminals or a short circuit at terminal CC2 or CC3.

Suppose you are still unable to find out what might have caused this problem. In that case, it may be time to call for professional help from a qualified heating engineer before anything else happens with your home’s central heating system.

If you are experiencing the error code C5 on your Viessmann boiler, it could mean that your temperature sensor has been disconnected internally.

The error code C5 on a Viessmann boiler indicates that the temperature sensor has been disconnected internally. If this error occurs, it is recommended that you call a professional to fix the issue so as not to cause any more damage.

There is a high probability that the problem is related to the installation of the boiler. You may have accidentally connected it to the wrong gas supply or have other problems with your gas line.

If you are an installer, it is important to check all these things to identify the problem and fix it quickly so that your customer doesn’t have any difficulties with their heating during this cold winter season.

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