Viessmann boiler vitodens error F5

Error F5 is a common code for the Viessmann Vitodens boiler caused by a dirty gas filter. Troubleshooting steps are discussed below to rectify this issue.

To troubleshoot Error F5:

– Reset the control system and restart it.

– Replace the filter (part number 281254).

– Replace the powder coater (part number 281252).

The F5 error is a generic error caused by several factors, such as the power being turned off, the circuit breaker is tripped, or an overheating situation within the boiler itself.

The F5 error code is often displayed when there’s a problem with heat exchange inside the boiler. If this issue isn’t resolved quickly, it can lead to other problems like scalding water and gas leaks.

The F5 error code is caused by a software issue related to the communication between the boiler and the Viessmann Vitodens system.

The error F5 is related to the boiler’s inability to detect the correct voltage. This is due to faulty wiring or thermostat. To solve this problem, you should have an electrician come by and check your wiring or thermostat.

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