Viessmann error 05 eev

With the introduction of the latest technologies, boiler installation and repair have become more viable.

Viessmann boilers are not an exception to this, and one of the recent errors it can show is 05 eev error. However, before you panic about this error and throw your hands up in the air, it is essential to diagnose the cause of this error to troubleshoot it.

“A leak was detected when the boiler was in operation. The leak is on the pressure casing with an upper limit of 60 bar. The error status 05 EEV.”

The boiler error code 05 means that a leak has been detected, affecting the pressure casing at 60 bar.

When it comes to boiler error messages, there are a few that can prove to be pesky. An example of such an error is the “viessmann boiler error 05 eev”.

The first thing that you need to do is to diagnose the problem. If you are unsure what is going on, turn off the power supply and check if the issue has disappeared. If it has, you should call a professional and ask them to come and fix the problem. You should also check if your boiler manual contains a solution or information on clearing this issue.


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