Viessmann error code e6

Viessmann Error Code E6: If you have a Viessmann water heater with this error code, it could be caused by a faulty control valve.

Viessmann error code e6 is an error code found on Viessman water heaters. If you see this on your heater, it may be caused by a faulty control valve.

An error code e6 results from a defective gas valve that may occur in a system for heating.

We used to see this type of error code quite often on our customer’s systems, but it’s rare to find this error in new systems these days.

It’s also important to note that there are many other types of errors with the heating system, so be sure to have your technician check all the possible causes before jumping straight into replacing parts.

Error code e6 is a unique type of error. It occurs when the system detects that the Viessmann Comfort Control System is not communicating with the controller or when it detects a defective controller.

Error code e6 is connected to climate control, air conditioning, and heating systems. In particular, it occurs if one of the following things happens: 1) The controller is not communicating with the module. This can happen if either (1) a change to the module causes problems or (2) communication between the control unit and module has been broken by water damage or corrosion. 2) The control unit detects that a defective control module has been connected to it.

The error code e6 is displayed on a display in your furnace’s front panel and also on Viessmann’s website as follows: “No communication between controller and module”.


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