Viessmann therme fehler f2

The viessmann therme fehler f2 is the latest in the online technical support troubleshooting guides.

This article explains what the viessmann therme fehler f2 error means and what you can do to fix it.

One of the most common errors you might experience with your Viessmann boiler is the ‘F2’ error, which is a problem with your boiler’s fan. The F2 error means an issue with the fan’s RPM or revolutions per minute. Multiple problems can cause this, so rectifying this might require a professional service call to troubleshoot the issue and see why there is a problem with your fan speed and how it can be resolved.

The following are some potential reasons for a low fan speed:

– The Boiler does not have enough fueld

–  If you think this might be the cause of your problems, try taking off two litres of fueld from your fuel tank and then restarting your boiler to see

The most common error on the viessmann therme is when the Indoor Units and Outdoor Units can’t find each other. This can be solved through a simple restart of both units. The second most common error is when there’s a problem with the power supply to the thermostat itself or if there is an issue with one or more zones.

The currently known error codes for the Viessmann Therme are displayed in the table below. If you want to report an error code not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact US Technical Support.

Four 4A Faulty proximity sensor  The proximity sensor is faulty.  This prevents the boiler from firing when standby mode is activated  It also causes a fault in-room control operation (thermostat)

Six 6A Sensor error: temperature/humidity sensor The temperature or humidity sensor is faulty.  This may cause a fault in-room control operation (thermostat) and/or prevent heating in certain circumstances.

Eight 8A Faulty pressure switch The pressure switch is faulty – this can lead to insufficient hot water supply and make the drainpipe too hot, leading to possible burns.

F2 is a safety function which checks the water temperature in the boiler and pipes before starting. If the flue gas sensor detects that the water has reached a temperature of 100°C, it will automatically stop heating.

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