Viessmann vitodens 200 error codes

No matter what the error code is, it’s always a horrifying sight to have when your appliance is not working as it should.

Many people face the most common problem while using their viessmann vitodens 200 boilers is the “HEAT ERROR.” There are many reasons for this error, and it’s easy to end up with a short circuit, an overflow or leak, or even a broken heating element. And if you don’t know how to fix this problem, you might need to call an expert for help.

This article is about error codes in viessmann vitodens 200 boilers. What they mean and how to fix them using the manual provided by the company

Vitodens 200 Error Codes: The following are the error codes that one may find on the Vitodens 200.

– 110-C: The cover is not detected,

– 111-C: The cover bolts were not tightened,

– 112-D: The door is open,

– 113-B: A process is interrupted,

– 114 -95 B, C E: Temperature values are invalid.

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