Worcester boiler 30CDi error codes

Any Worcester Combination Boiler 30cdi users, who have their DM combi controller displaying “E 0 F 71 in red on display” will need to consult the instruction booklet and work through the troubleshooting procedure to replace the Burner A High limit safety valve.

The error code is caused as a result of replacing Burner B’s high-limit safety valve without completing Stage 2 of Burner A High Limit Safety Valve Replacement Procedure. The troubleshooting requires the user to do stage 2 and may involve replacing the following parts:

1) Burner A 120-degree copper tube kit with a new elbow (6 spares provided)

2) Burner Automatic high-limit safety valve

Gas pipeline installments and furnaces are machines that plug straight into your house piping and heating systems. The primary purposes of these appliances are to make sure that you have steady heat in cold seasons and to ensure that you have a reasonable amount of water piping.

The Worcester boiler 30CDi error codes can be fairly difficult for some beginners, as there are numerous types of lights and alarms. Once your gas valve becomes activated it should bring the water pipeline or ashes up to a reasonable degree. If not addressed, it may result in high water pressure phenomena that are often hazardous or fire-inducing.

Worcester boiler 30CDI is thermostat-controlled to provide continuous comfort throughout your home by automatically regulating your boiler whether you are near or far.

This ensures your heating and hot water needs always get the priority they need while waiting for boiler breakdowns. Occasionally, the Worcester Boiler 30CD automatic ignition sequence develops an error after the unit works normally for some weeks or months. This can be caused by loose connections, partial or faulty electrical grounding wires, and faulty connections due to problems with plastic shaft sleeve connections or thereover.

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