Worcester Bosch boiler error code 224

Worcester Bosch boiler error code 224 is due to the timer handle not being moved while the boiler has been rebooting. Reset the timer and into the “On” position and see if the error code clears up.

There’s no need to worry about this error if it pops up again after clearing it up unless you’re dealing with a much more major issue.

It can appear when your Worcester Bosch has rebooted and moved from sequence 255 to 256 in order for system setup.

The reason for this error may come as a surprise – it doesn’t mean something went wrong with starting the heating or another appliance when you use them later on. For anyone without Windows troubleshooters and a light bulb idea of what’s going on, know that there are essentially two reasons why you may be getting the door code 224 signal blipped onto your device’s display.

It is a lot easier to reset the error code 224 on a Worcester Bosch boiler by turning off the water supply to the building and alleviating any power loss to the boiler, replacing all defective wire, then testing it and restoring it if any discrepancy was identified.

A majority of Worcester Bosch boiler error codes are accompanied by a shutdown code. The shutdown code is the code that is going to signify the issue that occurred following the 224 error and then displays them on the LCD screen or diagnosis.

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