York furnace flash error code 4 times

We should be aware of this issue, and if we see it, we should contact the service provider. It may only happen once in a while, but it is still an issue that should be addressed.

A york furnace with a flashing error code four times can mean several different things. The most common is that the circuit breaker is tripped or the furnace has not reached its set temperature yet. If no other problems cause the problem, then our first step would be to check these two things.

The circuit board is the main component and can cause this issue if faulty. If the circuit board has been replaced, you’ll need to connect to power, reset the oil pressure switch and power up the furnace. ‚Äč

York furnaces have several different error codes. If you are getting a Code 4 error, this article should help you troubleshoot the problem.

Below is a list of common York furnace errors and how to diagnose and fix them:

Code 1 – The sensor detects an excessive heat load on the unit. This can be caused by some things, including dirty filters, blocked vents, or moisture problems in the unit. Check that your filters are clean and clear, and ensure that the vents are unobstructed. You may also want to check for leaks around the base of your unit or use a dehumidifier to dry it out if there is any moisture buildup inside your home.

Code 2 – The sensor detects inadequate heat input from the burner assembly.