Bosch boiler error 228

Bosch boiler error 228 is a fault in the solenoid coil assembly that might activate in extremely cold weather. This happens when the water temperature falls below +5 degrees Celsius.

This error is caused by a faulty sensor in the boiler, which signals to the control system that the temperature has risen above the set point.

This kind of error can lead to a lack of hot water, or, even worse, damage to your property.

We have received many customer inquiries regarding the Bosch boiler error 228. The boiler error code 228 indicates that there is water in the gas line, and it cannot be used until it has been drained.

The reason behind this error code 228 is simple: the water has entered into the gas line, which enters into the solenoid so that when you turn on the water, you will see a rupture in your supply or a leak in your main hose.