bosch boiler error 73

It is a heating appliance typically used for space heating or central heating, often installed, as backup, to provide radiant heat. The boilers use one or more burners in an enclosed firebox to create supersaturated steam inside a tall chimney or flue.

Recently there is a new error message “73” appeared while I was working on my bosch boiler. The error code 73 means the heating system has stopped working so I tried to troubleshoot but none of these fixed the issue.

In this case, the user provides their personal experience of the problem and tries to detail which steps they attempted without success.

There were two interesting videos we discovered while exploring this issue related to Error 76. Video one elaborates on how it affects your oven throughout the house, and video two mentions a Bosch repairman explaining Bosch Error 73 straightforwardly and in detail.

Basically, 73 is an intermittent or occasional error code that can be related to coils on the gas valve in heavy use. This could be a faulty thermostat. Need to check the pressure on this side of the valve before replacing the thermostat.

The Bosch VCA PLUS G48 was introduced in 2012. This programmable Boiler allows the user to have more control in the heating process and configure parameters with extensive controls which gives a higher level of comfort for you and your family.

The boiler provides a proficient system that has fast response times to complaints such as safety concerns and efficiency levels. The boiler consistently monitors itself to maintain its performance and protects from harm through its predictive characteristic that recognizes abnormalities before becoming an issue. The boiler even advises you before outages occur without the need for human detection. It gives you the opportunity to save when it’s cold outside, one of many outstanding benefits of Bosch VCA plus G48 programmable boilers.

Here we will try to provide possible solutions for this error. There could be a problem with the CBS controller, please check it thoroughly and make sure that you don’t have any other boiler room issues.

Bosch boilers have caused a lot of dissatisfaction in recent times. Many end-users report an error 73 on their bosch boiler. This article examines the cause and solution as well as eventual future changes by Bosch after numerous customer complaints.

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