bosch boiler error 75

The boiler safety sensor error most likely is a false alarm. This means your boiler’s circuitry calculated that there was a pressure buildup in the steel tube that it was monitoring when in reality there wasn’t.

Faulty veracity of the sensor due to accidental T&D damage is not uncommon and is initiated by a number of related reasons, and regrettably often difficult to distinguish.

Error code 12:

The diagnostic test reports (also called diagnostics) are lost when the pump does not produce heating water. A leak and accumulation in the graphite can cause this type of resistance error for which corrective action must be performed on the leak or boiler replacement may be necessary.

LR66 error: Malfunctioning of electrical controller trips off current to prevent sudden discharge caused by overloaded circuits “which might result in unauthorized start-up or motor stop”. This can either be preceded by Low Breaker or No Load Protection alarm sounds for 10 seconds. The error code itself is

The Bosch engineering team (Dan Bosch) was contacted by a client expressing their concerns about a sign that had been flickering on their boiler. The top right corner of the message board had continuously flashed ERROR 75.

Dan and his team diagnosed the system and determined the error was due to low pressure in the bore reservoir steam line.

the boiler worked as it should and all gauges were showing positive feedback. The unit has been returned to normal functionality

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