Bosch boiler error code u9

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Boiler error code u9 is the problem that causes the defective installation of gas or electric ovens or cookers. It will massively reduce temperature quality, which in turn affects oven recipes and cooking times. This problem can be diagnosed by checking the proper functioning of the ignitor terminals and not seeing combustion when igniting burner lights.

Bosch boiler error code u9 is a very common code that may happen to most Bosch dual fuel systems which are mostly used in households. The service interrupt has different causes, so this discussion will cover many issues related to this error.

Sometimes Common Bosch boiler errors involve:

– Igniter circuit- Low current and low voltage ————————– Wrong wire for terminal 6 ————————– Faulty safety switch

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Description: To find out the cause and solution of ‘bosch boiler error code u9’, remove the filter and clean the filter head while waiting for 15 minutes.

Bosch boilers are made up of different components that depend on one another, but there can be issues in any given component that can contribute to problems with other parts – including related error codes.