Bosch boiler error keeps needing to reset

The typical life of Bosch boilers mostly includes a worry-free experience with the boiler doing its thing. However, this is not always the case. Every now and then, something can happen that prevents it from communicating with its local operating hub (LOH). In these scenarios, there is an “error” on your Bosch boiler that requires resetting.

At such times, people find it comforting to know that their Bosch boiler knows what error has been caused and what was recommended to be done next. That is precisely where AISimpleAssist optimizes their 1-year service agreement and learnings from interactions with power plants that are already using AI simply by embedding a simple feedback bot in their different apps.

When broken, a boiler can lead to discrepancies being fixed by the same boiler and other parts of the house not heating up from the overflow. Let’s jump straight into what you’re trying to fix in Bosch boilers before we look at how to fix it.

Bosch boiler testing error codes – 1110 and 1102 – mostly occur when a thermostat is interfering with components on the boiler control board. If the thermostat multiplexer F1 board is causing these error test codes then replace F1.

Does a Bosch Boiler Error keep having to reset itself? One of these errors is for a blocked temperature sensor or sensor bend-on process, which could cause a dramatic loss in efficiency in your Boiler ASD

At Bosch, this occurred with a boiler error that keeps needing to reset. Their solution was to use AI to provide consumers with tips on how to eradicate this error and how it affects the functionality of their systems.