Bosch boiler error questions

As the market for bosch liquid condensing boilers increases rapidly, there are more questions about the faulty boiler error mechanism. We look at how these issues have been managed in the past and what Bosch has done to get ahead of these issues now.

All Bosch boiler models now have an “abnormal shut down” as part of their boiler over-temperature system which prevents a possible ‘faulty’ shutdown

Here are some key points on how to avoid getting caught up in the Bosch boiler error.

Key point 1:

Before replacing anything, double-check whether the appliance is actually posted by Bosch to get warranty work. If it’s not posted, or you don’t have a receipt yet, this point may not apply.

Key point 2:

Unlike light or switch, where replacement doesn’t often involve an electrician or plumber, replacing a water heater typically does. A contractor should be involved from the first step and will have to put in new vent pipes and install wiring for power and water connections.

Key point 3:

Though older models can pose a high risk for leakage of certain mineral oils at high pressures, it would be good to know that this is happening before