Bosch boiler error symbols

There are significantly different error symbols that are required while working on a boiler. Some of the most common symbols include:

• L – this stand for leaks, faulty piping installation

• M – this stands for the mechanical start command which is used when it is impossible to determine the cause of failure to start.

• F – this stands for various failures in heat exchangers, precipitators and flue heaters (depending not just on startup functions). Other associated failures are non-rocket firing safety circuits, too short air restrictors, water hammer faults and too long pipes at pressure relief valve hose support.

The trouble of learning new boiler codes and error codes for errors that might happen just never goes away. The only way you can master your boiler is to keep yourself up-to-date with symbols that the manufacturers release on their latest models.

There are three types of error codes on Bosch boilers: o Operating Error Code, o Normal Indicator Code and o Sequence Indicator Code.

In this section, we’ll discuss the error symbols for a typical boiler, Kenmore error numbers

Each manual can be pretty dense to read and figure out what a particular error means or does. The errors could be categorized from the most basic level of a failure to complete a diagnostic test all the way up to when there is too much temperature in your home. Understanding these errors can help avoid many expensive and even dangerous issues going forward.

Errors – leading possible cause of problems


The meaning behind each error symbol is below:

Basic Units: F-A-D-E

Routine Test Level: G-H-I-J+K+L-M+V+W (Includes all previous levels)