Bosch furnace error 05

Faced with this error, Bosch recommends the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1) Reset the furnace.

2) Check for any loose wiring or disconnected power supply cord.

3) Check for a short in gas hose or gas valve wiring.

4) Leave everything as is and try to start the unit again after 10 minutes.

5) Call a technician if the error is not resolved.

There is a very specific problem with Bosch furnaces. A problem that is easily fixed.

If you start experiencing a constant error 05, then it might be time to call in a professional to handle the issue. Error 05 commonly occurs because of the plastic-like material used in Bosch furnaces, but with a little know how, you can fix this issue on your own and save money on expensive repairs.

Some of the common causes of error 05 are:

-A dirty air filter.

-A plugged or clogged return duct due to improper installation or grime buildup from pets or dust accumulation.

-A faulty thermostat unit, which should be replaced for safety purposes.

The following is an example of a bosch furnace error 05 made by Bosch.

This error is often caused by one of two short circuits in the thermostat. If you cannot find a short circuit, measure the resistance between the two terminals on the thermostat. It should be approximately 10,000 ohms if it’s working properly.