Bosch furnace error 0511

The following error code is from the company Bosch. It is a manufacturer of home appliances and industrial products. Error code 0511 means that the furnace may not be working properly; this could be due to a problem with:

– Gas pressure switch that controls gas furnace operation;

– Burner assembly, or sensors that detect current flow to the burners;

– Pilot assembly or flame sensor in natural gas furnaces;

– Pilot assembly or flame sensor in an oil-fired furnace;

– Thermostat in electric furnaces.

This problem needs to be resolved by replacing or testing these parts as soon as possible.

This error code appears to be related to a failure of the sensing wire.

The 0511 error code is accompanied by a blower operating, fan not operating, or both. This indicates a failure in the thermal-sensing wire. Bosch furnace owners with this error code should contact their HVAC technician for help.

This is an error code that a bosch furnace generates when there’s an issue with the flame sensor. Most of the time, this is caused by a clogged or dirty flame sensor.