Bosch furnace error 06

Bosch has produced some of the market’s most reliable and efficient HVAC systems. When customers purchase Bosch furnace error 06 they expect a long-lasting investment with minimal upkeep.

This section’s introduction should provide a brief overview of what caused the error and how to correct it.

The Bosch Universal Controller (UC) is a sophisticated programmable controller that manages and monitors the following:

Air flow within the furnace

Boiler water level and temperature

Oil supply to both furnace burners.

The UC also provides the on-screen diagnosis of system errors, logs all events, monitors trends and helps to control Bosch’s unique Rotary Governor (RGP).

With this error, there has been a power interruption to the Bosch unit. There is no need to call the dealer. Simply check if you have any of these problems:

*External power is not supplied to the unit

*The blower fan is not running or operating at full speed

*The heat exchanger cooling fan is not operating at full time (this function will be supported with later product generations)

*The heating curve does not change when you operate the thermostat or setpoint controller