Bosch furnace error 11

If you are experiencing a Bosch furnace error 11, the most likely problem is that the gas control valve needs to be replaced.

This article is about Bosch furnace error 11 in particular. Please contact a service technician for more information if you have any other questions about how to fix your Bosch furnace at home.

When the error code is displayed on your furnace, it is important to identify the problem. A properly operating furnace within a comfortable temperature will not generate any errors.

If your furnace has this error code, you may have a problem with your air filter or an obstruction in the gas line. You may also have a low voltage connection or loose wires.

The error code can be hard to decipher, but you can find the answer below.

The first digit of the error code represents the type of fault and is either a one or a zero. The second digit means an error has occurred in the control circuit or some other part of the furnace. The third digit specifies what type of fault has occurred and is represented by a letter from A to G. The last two digits are used for location information and are represented as a two-digit number.