Bosch furnace error 36-10

The error number 36-10 indicates that the heat exchanger has failed and needs the user to take immediate action by turning off their heating system and contacting bosch customer service.

This issue can be easily resolved by following the troubleshooting steps listed on Bosch’s website.

Bosch furnaces are one of the top-rated in terms of performance, but they have recently been plagued with errors such as 36-10.

A common error on the furnace is code 36-10, often caused by a blocked air filter.

If you are experiencing this error, shutting off the power supply to your furnace for an hour or so should fix the issue.

The error 36-10 is a problem plaguing Bosch Furnace owners.

It usually occurs when the furnace has to run for an extended period. The error code 36-10 seems like it’s a software glitch but is caused by the power outage.

Sometimes, the power outage lasts several hours, during which the furnace keeps running without any issues. However, after the power goes back on, you will see that your home is warm again, but it’s still blowing warm air – this is because the furnace has not lost heat yet, and it will continue to do so until there is no more heat left in the system and then it shuts down on its own.