Bosch furnace error 38

The issue was reported by numerous Bosch furnace owners, who were finding their electric bills increased after experiencing these errors. The issues ranged in severity and could include shutting off for long periods of time or not heating at all, fires starting because the temperature settings were too low, or worse, catching fire.

The error messages on the Bosch furnace are unusual, and not everyone can fix the problem. But when it comes to getting a solid customer support service, Bosch’s live chat is first-rate.

Introduction: When you receive an error message or error code on your Bosch furnace, you can choose to call their customer support or have them call you. Online customer support is available 24/7 and helps answer questions and give instructions.

The error 38 of the Bosch furnaces is because of a loose wire that connects the sensor to the flame sensor. This causes the flame sensor to register false readings, leading to an incorrect reading on the thermostat (instantaneous heat). That said, make sure that you check for

A furnace with error code 38 usually indicates that the indoor coil needs to be replaced. The error is commonly caused by a faulty thermostat or gas valve.