Bosch furnace error 43

Some common error codes in Bosch Thermotechnology heating equipment include the 43-error code. If a fault occurs in the safety sensor and it does not detect problems, the 43-error code appears on the screen. The sensor detects a problem, like if no flame or enough air is coming out of the venting system, and shuts down to protect people from potential fire hazards.

The 43-error code can appear when they are an issue with the sensor or an issue with the power to heat unit. Other reasons might be that you have left your home without shutting off your boiler. If you experience this problem, call Bosch Technical Support to help identify what is wrong with your furnace and help get it running again!

If you have a Bosch furnace and are experiencing error 43, a few things might be the cause.

Error 43 or Fault 43 results from either a sensor not reading correctly or another type of malfunction. If you happen to know which sensor is malfunctioning and you know where it is located, then go ahead and replace it.

The error 43 is a common issue that often crops up when the furnace is not switched on.

To fix this error 43, ensure the power cord to the unit is plugged in and turned on. If it is already on, then unplugging and plugging it back in could do the trick.

If you have a mercury-containing thermostat, check to see if it’s set correctly. If any other wires may be causing interference with the system powering your furnace, try to move them.