Bosch furnace error 51

Bosch’s error 51 is a power supply problem.

This error occurs when the furnace overheats and shuts down to protect itself.

The error code 51 is typically associated with a failed motor. The error code could also result from an overload current, short-circuit, or open-circuit input.

The manual has a list of troubleshooting steps that can be done to check whether these factors are causing the error condition. They include checks for wiring, replacing fuses/relays, and checking power supply voltage and phase sequencing.

This section discusses what bosch furnace error 51 means and how to fix it by following some troubleshooting steps in the manual.

This is an error generated by a furnace after a failed self-test. Symptoms of this type of error include the following:

– No heat coming out of the vent when turned on

– A heating system not turning on at all

– The heating and the cooling unit switching frequencies