Bosch furnace error 550

The bosch furnace error 550 is a generic error message on different appliances.

There are many different causes for this error, with the most common being a surprising number of common problems. One of these problems is called “broken wire,” which occurs when there is a short or broken connection in the heating system. This condition can cause the furnace to shut off or show this error code, in which case it’s advised that you contact your furnace manufacturer.

Error 550 from a Bosch furnace is when the heater malfunctions and generates a constant burning sound. Examples of failure:

Bosch furnace error 550 is caused by an improper connection between the heating coil and electronic control unit.

A common cause for bosch furnace error 550 is that the burner assembly or gas valve has been removed from its housing.

The thermal circuit breaker usually trips the breaker if it overheats, but sometimes it can be caused by low power flowing through a sensor wire.