Bosch furnace error 62

A common error code in gas furnaces occurs when the burner flame time has been changed to more than 4 hours. The error code 62 indicates that the temperature was too high and there was a thermal overload. This might be due to a blocked flue, low on gas or a clogged burner filter.

Bosch furnace error code 62 means that the power limit is exceeded, and it is not safe to use the appliance in this condition. It needs to be repaired or replaced with a new one. To avoid this, always ensure you have enough fresh air going into your house’s chimney and not blocked flues etc. It’s best to keep your firebox clean for easy cleaning so it can operate safely for more than 4 hours.

Bosch furnace error code 62 is usually a message on the control panel when someone turns off their furnace.

My dad turned off his Bosch furnace, but now it says “error code 62”. What does this mean?

This error code means that the safety devices have been activated. This could mean that there was too much carbon monoxide in the room, the gas company shut off service, or something else happened.

Bosch furnace error 62 is a fault message associated with an error code used to notify the user of a faulty Bosch burner on a furnace.

It is not as serious as other errors but users should always follow the troubleshooting guide below if they have this fault message.

The error code comes up when something is wrong with one of the burner cells. The burner cell may have been damaged, or some wiring may be broken due to a power surge or misalignment.