Bosch furnace error 63

Bosch furnace error 63 is a very common problem that we often see. The safety system of the furnace causes it. The safety system will shut down the furnace until it detects an operating code.

Furnace error 63 can potentially damage your home and cause a fire. When you try to fix this error in your Bosch furnace, you might be able to avoid some of these problems.

Bosch furnaces typically emit an error code when certain issues arise. This error code is known as “error 63.” Error 63 commonly indicates a problem with the burner, but other possible causes of this error include the wrong gas or too low of a flame.

This article will provide information on what this Bosch furnace error 63 means, how to fix it and what to do if you experience it in your home.

Blizzard Error 63 is currently a known issue on many models of Bosch furnaces and on other manufacturers’ furnaces with a similar control board. A malfunctioning micro-controller in the furnace causes it to go into diagnostic mode, displaying “Bosch Furnace Error 63” when the thermostat reaches 85ºC (185ºF).

According to Bosch, once the furnace cools down, it should reset automatically and stop displaying this error code in either digital or analog form.