Bosch furnace error 760

The error 768 is a Bosch furnace error which can be caused by several other things, such as the following:

1. Error in another program used to update the firmware, such as the Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox browser.

2. A blocked air filter.

3. Too many air filters in use at one time- leading to a “short circuit.”

Bosch furnace error 760 is a false code from the Bosch gas furnace. It is also known as ‘False Alarm’ or ‘Invalid Alarm’.

Here are a few reasons for bosch furnace error 760:

1. The sensor for the burner control was not properly installed

2. There was a power outage during installation

3. The sensor temperature is below 40℃, and it could be due to the filter

An error to the bosch furnace is typically caused by a misdiagnosis of the problem. This happens most often when the technician is not familiar with the make and model of your furnace.

This article discusses how to deal with such cases when facing an error 760 from your bosch furnace. The key points include providing more information about where you bought your furnace and what type it is, troubleshooting for a misdiagnosis, and contacting troubleshooting service providers.