Bosch furnace error 78

When we think of a furnace, we tend to think of the terms like efficiency, heat output and safety. Bosch furnaces provide all these qualities with their finest quality design.

Bosch furnaces are not just efficient, they also have a sleek and modern design that makes them a preferred product in many homes. In 2018, Bosch launched its new line of “perfectly simple” furnaces that allow you to simply manage your heating comfort.

Error 78 is error code 0x78 on a bosch furnace when it’s about to shut down due to safety reasons. It can happen during startup or shutdown when the furnace is unsafe.

The error 78 can occur when the furnace is not pumping enough coolant.

When you’re having an issue with your bosch furnace, it’s important to take care of this problem quickly because if not, the damage could become very expensive. The error 78 means that the pump is working, but the thermostat is not responding accordingly. The error 78 also means that it’s time to change your thermostat settings and ensure everything runs smoothly.

The error code 78 was created to show the error code of an electronic thermostat when it fails to achieve temperature.

The bosch furnace error 78 is a common error code for an electronic thermostat that indicates that the device did not achieve the desired temperature. Any fault causes this in the boiler installation, wiring, or operation.

The most common causes for this error are low water levels in your boiler and heating systems meaning there is insufficient steam pressure to circulate through these systems.

Although there are many other reasons why furnaces will produce this code, it’s important to know what causes it so you can take action if needed.