Bosch furnace error 89

Bosch furnace error 89 is an error code displayed by the Bosch ThermaCycle humidifier, which can be a frustrating issue. The most common causes are clogged water filters or blocked air vents.

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This furnace error code occurs when the heating circuit detects a short circuit. Fortunately, Bosch has listed a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix this issue.

This is an example of an error code that could be generated by smart home appliances such as thermostats and ovens. Sometimes, the error code may also appear when the temperature exceeds an absolute maximum value, and the fan does not work properly. This means your furnace or boiler isn’t getting enough heat to operate properly.

The error code 89 is a code that indicates that there is an issue with the fan motor. The furnace will make weird noises when the error code appears.

Although Bosch furnaces are designed to make things easier for the homeowner, they can be failures sometimes and cause the furnace to malfunction. One example of this was an issue with our oven where we got the error code 89 on it one day and made a lot of noise and smoke. This is an extreme case, but it could also happen in your home.