Bosch furnace error 95

The Bosch furnace has a built-in protection system that is sensitive to errors. When the error detector detects a fault in the unit, it sends a warning to the central control.

How Bosch’s alarm system protects your home from fire and gas leaks

Error 95 is a code for the heating system in a Bosch furnace. A malfunctioning fan usually causes it.

Error 95 is an error code that has been appearing on the heating system of the Bosch furnace since last year and has led to many customer complaints. Systems are now being retrofitted to prevent this error code from appearing in the future.

Bosch furnace error code 95 is a Bosch furnace control board diagnostic message. The error code has to do with the temperature limits of the furnace.

Bosch furnace error 95 is an error code that appears on the control panel of a Bosch furnace when it is not operating properly. It may be caused by any one of these problems:

A wire has been disconnected or loose in the circuit.

A fuse has blown or burned out.

The circuit breaker or fuse has tripped.

A relay is defective.