Bosch furnace error h01

Bosch furnace error H01 is an error that is common in many Bosch furnaces. Faulty electronics or a defective thermostat can cause it.

The Bosch engineers recommend that you repair the Bosch furnaces and replace the thermostat before attempting to diagnose the furnace. Here are steps on how to resolve the H01 error:

1) Ensure the power cord is plugged into a properly grounded outlet. Inspect if there are any loose connections. Do not use extension cords or an adapter. Ensure it is connected to a single electrical outlet only

2) Ensure that your thermostat has vents for both heat and air coming out of it

3) If your furnace does not have vents, contact an HVAC professional to get them built-in

Bosch’s H01 error is a common symptom of an over-the-range installation. In these cases, the installer has failed to properly connect the thermostat wire or water pipe to the furnace.

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Bosch furnace error H01 is a detectable error code which indicates that the furnace is not working.

If you see this error code on your Bosch furnace, it may be a sign of some problems with your furnaces system.

To get to the source of the problem, you need to contact your heating fuel supplier or Bosch’s service center.