Bosch furnace error ie

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Bosch furnace error ie is a script error that appears when the user tries to start the system. It’s been used by Bosch customer advisors since 2009.

The first bosch furnace error ie was generated in 2009 when Bosch customer advisors were overwhelmed by calls for help and decided to create an automated script that would provide customers with troubleshooting help on the phone.

The error code “ie” appears when the thermostat is not registered in your system. This typically happens if you are trying to operate the furnace or thermostat through a different wireless network than what was originally set up.

The following article will give you information about how to troubleshoot this issue and connect your furnace to the original wireless network it was connected with.

There is a quick fix for this error code, which lasts only for 24 hours after it has been received. If, when trying to reconnect, you receive this error again, then contact the Bosch support team, and they will help resolve the issue.