Bosch furnace error keeps running

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Stuttgart, Daimlerstraße 12. The company is among the world’s largest suppliers of automotive components and makers of industrial equipment.

Bosch products are sold to automotive manufacturers for installation as part of their original equipment, maintenance of their vehicles and resale to end-users (aftermarket).

There are many reasons why the “bosch furnace error keeps running” error code occurs.

The furnace might be overheating, or there could be a problem with the circuit board. In either case, you should consult a professional for diagnosis and repair.

The error code on the top of the screen, in this case, “E1-01”, refers to an error code.

A furnace may display an error code because it is not getting enough air to run.

Bosch Heating and Cooling Filtration Systems are some of the best residential HVAC systems in the market. These products are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency in your home. Bosch offers a variety of filters that can be used for different types of air conditioning systems and units.

Bosch has created an accessory designed to improve your furnace’s performance by removing lint, hair, and pet dander from your furnace’s air ducts – before they reach the furnace filter. This accessory is called a BioCare Filter Bag because it reduces odours and contaminants from entering the system through dirty ducts. These filter bags are easy to install- just lift any existing filter cover and slip on your new BioCare Filter Bag.