Bosch furnace error light brush

If you have a Bosch furnace and the error light on the control panel, it usually means a brush issue.

First, check to see any debris caught in the fan. The fan should spin freely. If debris is found, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the particles before reinstalling the panel cover.

If no debris is found behind the panel cover or in front of the fan blades, then it’s likely that one of your brushes has worn out or broken off. Replace both brushes at once to prevent recurrence of this problem.

You will need two new brush kits from Bosch to fix this problem. Carefully pop off each side of your current brush and install a new one by sliding it into place over your existing wire shaft.

A furnace error light may appear if the furnace needs to be unplugged and reconnected or if a fuse might have blown.

The first step in this process is to check the power source. If the power cord is plugged in, unplug it and then plug it back in again. If that doesn’t work, it might be worth replacing the fuse.

The light on the Bosch furnace will blink if there is a problem with the heating cycle.

If the ESP system trips, then the light will blink.

If there is a power outage and then power is restored, the blinking light may indicate a problem.